Shrink Your Tax Liabilities by Using the Tax Calculator


When you think of tax, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Well, a common answer to that is possibly an image of a serpent, belching fire and smoke, gaining on its poor prey that is about to get burned at once by this demon. No matter how hard the victim tries to save his life, he eventually runs out of his breath, his muscles cramp and he succumbs to the hunter. Scared already? Well, worry not. As the saying goes, ‘The night is darkest just before the dawn’, a protector has been sent by the lords of the fiscal galaxy, who has sworn a solemn oath to fill your lives with bright lights by protecting your hard-earned money against the frightening darkness of the tax laws and regulations.

Did that tickle your curious nerve? Well, surely it did! Instead of having names like “The Caped Crusader”, or “The White Knight” that aptly fits to its characteristics, this tool is better known under its nom de plume of the ‘Tax Calculator’. As the name suggests, this tool is specifically designed to help you chart a course to efficient tax planning. This write-up is meant to educate you about the functionalities and features of this contemporary online tool, and help you expand your knowledge about the available tax saving options. So, read on and enjoy the most fun-loving learning expedition of your life!

A Little Insight Into this Brave Soldier

In the simplest version of the English language, the Tax Calculator would mean anything which is primarily built for getting your tax calculations straight, that too at the minimum expense of your time and energy. Impressive, right? Well, that’s not it. Scroll down to find out more.

The Tale of Chivalry

Now as you have got a general idea about the principal responsibility of this online tax saving machine, let’s get accustomed to the facts that make it appropriate for the Tax Calculator to be called as “The White Knight” of the everyday realm of taxations:

  • Strength: If you were to hire a bodyguard, you’d want it to be flawless in serving the purpose for which it has been hired, which is to protect you and defend you from the worldly dangers. This gadget does the same for your hard-earned money by empowering you to make your tax calculations in the most refined manner, thus letting you save good amount on your taxes which would have otherwise been sliced away by the taxman.
  • Homogeneous: Before the internet revolutionized our lives, the complex task of tax planning was restricted to the big brains of the finance industry who weren’t good at sharing their knowledge, and took all that intellect to their graves. But with the introduction of the Tax Calculator, this discriminatory situation has been completely blown to dust and oblivion. Now not just the experts, but even the novices have got the power of A-grade tax forecasting at their fingertips.
  • Unmatched Precision: Crafted by the finest tech-savvy minds of the finance industry and nurtured with the most accurate algorithmic base, the Tax Calculator is known for its ability to bring out the most accurate results once you feed in some basic details such as your annual income, any deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for which you fall eligible, your residential status and your current citizenship status.

Thus, with the introduction of the Tax Calculator in India, it seems as if the entire picture of Indian taxation system has been repainted in favour of the common citizen who used to get his blood pressure high just by hearing about tax. Innovations and additions like these will surely keep on moulding our lives to better shapes.